Sound Design

Throughout my life and career I have had many different audio experiences. I started live mixing when I was in junior high. My first sound board operating job was running the tape deck for an elementary school musical. My first professional sound job was a board operator for a Mainstage Production. I am now a professional Sound Designer and work for local theatre companies throughout Seattle.

My strength as a Sound Designer is my attention to detail. Not only is every sound intentionally chosen to fit into the world I’m creating, but I also focus on creating meaning with my choices. I carefully craft sounds so they flow seamlessly into the production. It’s important in my work to pay attention to the intensity of the sound and where it is coming from. Most of my sound designs have multiple speakers placed in the set and all around the audience to allow for this directional sound to happen.

Mentorship has been an element I have added to my sound design experience. For the past six years, I have had the privilege of working with a local Seattle high school, Nathan Hale, producing their yearly musical. I function as their sound designer and lead sound engineer. I work with the tech students, educating them in the technical elements of theatre. I work with most of the students from their Freshman through Senior year of high school. Each year I am able to give them additional responsibilities to strengthen their experience. It is rewarding to watch them grow and develop in their abilities as technicians and artists. Mentoring these students is a highlight of my year. 

Below are what I consider some of the highlights of my sound designs. I have put them in an order from the biggest and most complex to the ones with less cues. These shows highlight multiple aspects of my audio experience including: recording, editing, simple composing, paperwork, and music selection.