Other Design

While the primary design work I do is sound design, I have had experience in multiple aspects of theatrical design over the years. In particular, I have done lighting, scenic, and props design.

Lighting: I was Master Electrician at Taproot Theatre in Seattle for 3 years. During that time I utilitied the current mainstage plot plus specials to design lights for multiple productions by the education studio and after mainstage performances of improv or other short shows. I also have mainstage lighting experience for a couple of smaller companies. View Shows

Scenic: I have dabbled in a couple scenic designs for an after school drama program. View Shows

Props: Part of a staff role in the production department at Taproot Theatre in Seattle was Props Master. I did that for about 2.5 years. It was Props Design, but they never credited it as such. I have also done Props Design for 3 school touring shows and a couple of other mainstage productions.

Note: I don’t have any information on my Props Design work in my portfolio because I never documented any of it.

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